fbChurnally | Reduce churn and understand your users

Reduce churn and
understand your users

Build a custom cancellation flow to collect valuable insights into why your customers are leaving and reduce churn.

Unmask your cancellations

Consistently collect feedback from your most valuable and hard to reach customers.

Use quantitive and qualitative feedback from your cancellation flow to overcome feature blindness, and prioritise your roadmap to reduce future cancellations

Churn can be complicated

Actionable insights to optimize your churn.

Design a cancellation flow
in minutes

Churnally's multi-step flow builder allows you to create a guided conversation with your customers. No code required.

Save customers
before they churn

Provide personalised solutions up front

Keep valuable customers on your platform by suggesting a compelling alternative to canceling.

No code required

Churnally integrates with Stripe, Chargebee and Recurly to handle all billing offers. No need to bother your developers.

Start building your flow today

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