Save Customers
Before They Churn.

Multi-step cancellation flow builder that helps save customers and collect valuable insights into why your customers are leaving.

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Drive your product roadmap by understanding
the why behind each cancellation

Increase retention

Understand how to retain your customers for longer

Reduce pricing friction

Find the optimal pricing point for your product

Save at-risk customers

Offer coupons and more suitable plan changes based on cancellation intent

01 - Drag & drop flow builder

Build a fully customisable cancellation flow

Build and iterate a multi-step cancellation flow in a few clicks with zero code, we'll do the rest

02 - Intent based offers

Save customers before they leave

Help at risk customers re-discover your products value with smart offers

03 - Cancellation insights

Understand the why behind every cancellation

Focus development time on features and product improvements that will reduce churn

Built with your team in mind


No maintenance required

Install Churnally in less than 30 minutes and never have to worry about it again. Custom integration support available

Product Managers

Save valuable customers

Easily create, test and optimise the perfect off-boarding flow without diverting valuable development time

Customer Support

Understand your customers

Quickly uncover key pain points and offer support when your customers need it most


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