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Collect valuable insights into why your customers are leaving and reduce revenue churn with compelling cancellation offers.

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How Churnally works

How Churnally works


Design a cancellation flow in minutes. Churnally's multi-step flow builder allows you to create a guided conversation with your customers.

Free Form Text. Gather qualitative data with open ended questions like "What alternative have you switched to?"

Multiple Choice Surveys. Validate your hypothesis around why your users are cancelling.


Get your cancellation flow up and running with our super simple integration script. Implementing Churnally’s optimised cancellation flows won’t tie up your designers and engineers.


Keep valuable customers on your platform. Align offers and solutions with your customer problems by suggesting a compelling alternative to canceling.


Consistently collect feedback from your most valuable and hard to reach customers. Use quantitive and qualitative feedback from your cancellation flow to overcome feature blindness, and prioritise your roadmap to reduce future cancellations.

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Install Churnally in less than 30 minutes and never have to worry about it again. Custom integration support available

Product Managers

Save valuable customers

Easily create, test and optimise the perfect off-boarding flow without diverting valuable development time

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Understand your customers

Quickly uncover key pain points and offer support when your customers need it most

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